Going GLAM: A Historian in a Digital Library

By James Baker

In March I went GLAM; or, to explain the acronym, I joined the galleries, libraries, archives, and museums sector, specifically the British Library, where I am now a Digital Curator—a historian among librarians in the Digital Research team.

The year has flown by. I’ve helped researchers get at our digital stuff, hosted hack days, trained librarians and postgraduates in digital research methods, given papers of various kinds, attended a Digital Humanities Summer School, helped publish clear information on open access, organised a series of panel discussions, hatched plans to release just over one million images (and counting) into the Public Domain, been awarded a year of free cloud storage and compute, written two collaborative grant applications, got on with some historical research using our digital stuff, and had innumerable conversations with interesting, creative and forward-thinking people about all things digital research. All told, it’s been a blast. Continue reading