‘Lunchbox Tuesdays’: New Weekly Lunchtime Group at the Institute of Historical Research

Part of the remit of History Lab Plus is to help our members to overcome the sense of isolation that they sometimes feel as they finish their PhDs and contemplate their next steps. History Lab Plus is therefore happy to sponsor Lunchbox Tuesdays, a new weekly lunchtime group for late PhD and early career historians. This group is not intended as a seminar or forum for historical debate, but an informal way for individuals at similar academic levels to socialise over lunch.

Lunchbox Tuesdays will be held every Tuesday, 1-2pm in the common room of the Institute of Historical Research in the North Block of Senate House in London. The first meeting will be held on Tuesday, 4 November.

The idea is that people researching in London, rather than just those based there, will be able to drop in for cake and chat (did we mention cake?).
For more information about these meetings, please visit the Lunchbox Tuesdays Facebook page. Queries can also be directed at the organiser of Lunchbox Tuesdays, Kelly Spring, at kelly.spring@manchester.ac.uk.

As History Lab Plus is a national organisation, we are actively looking to sponsor similar informal social groups all over the UK. If you are interested in starting up something in your region, please e-mail historylabplus@gmail.com


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