Teaching World History: Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Teaching World History
One-Day Symposium at the University of Derby, 12 June 2015

World history has become a vibrant field in UK Higher Education, with strong research outputs, a plethora of conferences and exciting collaborative projects. This only seems appropriate at a time when HEIs are also asked to engage with a diverse (but at times ill-defined) internationalization agenda, manifesting itself in attempts to attract a more international student audience and in efforts to internationalize existing curricula. All this has brought opportunities as well as challenges for those engaged in teaching undergraduates and postgraduates, too. How do we engage students in studying the history of countries that are often very much beyond their usual frame of reference? How will research and teaching influence each other in this particular field? Do we have a responsibility to turn our students into ‘global citizens’?

This symposium will provide opportunities to discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with the teaching of World History. We are looking for presentations of 10-15 minutes’ duration, to serve as starting points for further discussion and debate, and as an opportunity to share good practice. This symposium is being sponsored by History Lab Plus, the network for early-career historians, and we would therefore particularly welcome contributions from postgraduate and postdoctoral teachers of World History as well as those more established in their careers.

Possible topics include:

• How can we encourage students to understand the political dimensions of World History, and can we use World History to challenge student perceptions about the world?
• How can we make use of film and other media to teach World History?
• What assessment strategies are best suited to teaching World History?
• What are the challenges involved in using study visits and field trips to engage students in World History?
• How can we encourage undergraduate students to conduct primary research on world history?
• Does the secondary education curriculum adequately prepare students for an international HE curriculum?
• How can we develop interdisciplinarity in teaching World History?

Please send expressions of interest, including a brief abstract of a 10-15 minute presentation to Tom Neuhaus, t.neuhaus@derby.ac.uk, by 31 March 2015.


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